Another popular specialty of our company for the last 22 years. We have been the prime source of shrink-wrapping services for most marinas and boat owners in our area.

Our standard services include wrapping down to the waterline to ensure even coverage of the hull by using heavy duty bands to keep the plastic from moving. If the hull is painted, we will use preservation tape to fit the plastic to the gunnel, condensation between the painted hull and the plastic causes stains to the hull, because of the minerals in the plastic.

Thorough ventilation with various shrink wrap vents used in several locations on the plastic with special attention paid to peak areas where water, vapor, and condensation are most likely to collect. For boat owners who would like to have access to the inside of the cover during the coverage period, access doors, or zippers, are an option at an additional charge. We take pride on how detailed we are, from being careful with your flexible windshields, keeping pressure off of radar and antenna equipment, and creating a structure that will shed rain, snow, and will stand most high winds.

We only use the best shrink-wrap materials and techniques in the business, to ensure a proper fit it’s done to your vessel. Shrink wrap is the best means to protect your boat from the outside elements during the long winter period.

All of our work is inspected for quality and 100% customer satisfaction.