At some point in the life cycle journey of a boat owner’s relationship with his/her boat, they will want to apply wax to the fiberglass hull. Waxing a boat is not a simple process. If you are a first-timer, or someone whose buffing prowess falls short of professional detailer level, then our company is the right fit for you. We at Marine Detailer Inc., compound and wax hundreds of boats every season, leaving only excellent quality results. We specialize in bringing back aged, dull surfaces to life with a shine that is unrivaled. Our compounding and wax services have been requested by some of the biggest boat shows in the country. Our tailor process has given the dullest of boats, that sparkly brand-new look we all desire.

The Right Tools for Buffing a Boat

We use **"high-speed buffers" for vessels that need it, as well as hand waxing boats that do not require high-speed buffing. We remove all excess wax or compound by hand, using micro-fiber towels to ensure that surfaces don't get scratched. These services can be provided while your boat is on land, or in the water at the docks, and are offered all year round.

**Most people have seen a professional use a rotating buffer that spins in circles at high-speed revolutions. These are heavier and produce a lot of power to handle. “If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can do a lot of damage or even injure yourself.”

We also specialized in wet-sand processes for those special surfaces that require a more intense work to bring back the almost original shine.