Bottom blasting is one of our specialty services. Bottom blasting removes all bottom paint. It will also help reveal any bottom imperfections that need to be repaired. The blasting process leaves a paint ready surface, unless there are blisters that need to be repaired without damaging the gel coat.  We use different types of media, such as: baking soda, walnut shells, corn cob and crushed or recycled glass to ensure the best outcome for the bottom of your vessel.
For your convenience we offer mobile service. We come to you, whether your boat is in a marina, on land, or your backyard. We are fully licensed and insured. Our staff of certified technicians is well trained in our industry.

Blasting services include:

  • Tent set up to contain excess residue materials and prevent contamination, like paint and media blast residues.
  • Apply blasting tape in order to remove all paint near the waterline, without damaging the upper hull structure.
  • Taping and closing all vents.
  • Running gear will also be treated at the time of blasting to remove the paint from it.
  • Soda blast to remove all existing paint from the bottom of your boat.
  • Cleaning the area once the job is complete, according to State and Federal regulations.
  • Wash bottom with top water to remove left over residue.