MDI prides itself on our Compound and Wax services! We compound and wax hundreds of boats a season, and only leaving quality results. We specialize in bringing back lackluster surfaces to life with a shine second to none. Our compounding and wax services have even been requested by some of the biggest boat shows in the country! Our process has given even the dullest of boats that brand new look we all desire.

We compound and wax using high-speed buffers for vessels that need it, as well as hand waxing boats that do not require high-speed buffing. We remove all excess wax or compound using micro-fiber towels to ensure no scratching of surfaces. This service can be provided both while your boat is on land or in the water at the docks! This service is offered all year long!

*We also compound and wax hulls, as well as wet sand for those special surfaces lacking luster